Scholastic Book Orders

Books purchased directly from Scholastic are available at a discounted rate. Every book order also provides the preschool with points towards classroom purchases. Each month, you will receive a new book order. Please choose as many as you would like and write ONE check for the complete order (even if you order from more than one form) made out to Scholastic Books. You can hand your order and checks to Mrs. Busby at anytime!

We have also set up an account up with Scholastic Book Clubs to enable parents to place their order online. If you are interested in using the web to place your order, you can register a parent account at and connect to our preschool using the class activation code TD8YB.

You may browse through the titles and place your order with your credit card or PayPal account on the secure Scholastic server. The books will be shipped to the school and we will distribute them. You can still hand your order in with a check written out to Scholastic if you would prefer. We were hoping this might make it easier for people who love the web!

This is a completely optional service. Remember, the best way to get a good reader is to be a good reader! The teachers are all familiar with many of the books, so feel free to ask them about specific books.

Happy Reading!!!!

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